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Truckenbrodt, Druckenbrod, Trockenbrot

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We, Werner named of Vogtsberg, profess with wording of the current writing publicly, that we for our and for our ancestors salvation some estates in Oelsnitz, which are nearby the village Raschau and pay out interest two mark silver yearly, have donated to the parish church of the blessedly John the Baptist for perpetual legal property, whereby we together with all our successors renounce all rights, that we have had at it or in the future can have had. Namely these estates are occupied by vassals with following names: Konrad named Trockenbrot, a woman with the cognomen Radegozin, and the son of a woman with the cognomen Eckhartin. Therewith these so legal occured donation is valid and may be exist perpetually and unimpaired, we have let the current deed confirmed by attaching of our seal. That has occurred in the year of our Lord 1281 in the house of the Teutonic brothers in Plauen. Of this transaction are witnesses master Albrecht, parish priest of Neumark, Poppo and Kuno Hunold from Plauen and Eckhart before the cemetery and master Siegfried, prior at the very same house, brother Hermann, Komtur (=commander), brother Rudolf and very many other trustworthy persons.

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