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1. January 2007

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David Keil has published about 1730 in "Den unschuldigen Nachrichten" [The innocent News] a first pedigree. His son F.S. Keil published "Die historischen Nachrichten von dem Geschlecht und den Nachkommen Dr. Martin Luthers" [The historical News about the family and the descendants of Dr. Martin Luther], and the grandson of him F.C.A. Nobbe published 1856 his genealogy.

David Keil was the son-in-law of Johann Martin Luther II. From the family of a second son-in-law comes Otto Sartorius, who completed 1926 the pedigrees and published his book about the descendants in four centuries.

The contemporary Luthergenealogies refer to David Richter too, who has published 1733 his "Genealogia Lutherorum". He was a school rector in Güstrow/Mecklenburg, unrelated to the Reformator, but he has tried for the past twenty years to build up a genealogy of D. Martin Luther. At this David Richter he analysed basically sermons for mourners, after-dinner speeches, letters etc. and communicated also with the living descendants. He couldn't resort to documented confirmations of the grand-children, because the parish registers were administrated completely first since about 1620.

David Richter underlines, that his work doesn't assert its claim to completeness, and complains especially, that the genealogical tables of David Keil, that he knows, superabound errors and falsities. His own elaborations David Keil has seen, when he has sent it for checking to Johann Martin Luther II in Zeitz. In this way Keil obtained also to see this elaboration, and David Richter censured "that from Keil announced dying off of the still living Abnepotis Theandri (a great-great-grandson of the Reformator)" and reproaches, that pastor Keil has stolen documents out of his elaboration especially about Gabriel Luther and Dr. Carl Friedrich Luther. After that David Richter intended not to publish his work, also because there were many changes.

The third son-in-law in Zeitz, notary Grubner, pleaded for the publishing, and there was an excuse, "that such undertaking from Keil with the whole Lutheran House highest dislike would have been happened thievishly". David Richter reproaches still another things. You can read it in the preface of the 1733 Published book.

Even if David Richter with his work doesn't assert its claim to completeness, thus you must attach the same importance concerning the sources to that contemporary publications, like to his conclusions, in which he expresses concerning Johannes Luther *1526), that Johannes had got certainly sons, but he would be unable to name them. Likewise David Richter explicates, that he couldn't get during 15 years (since 1717) no more information in connection with the family 'von Kunheim'.

After Sartorius 1926 its were in the last century the deacon Ludwig Schmidt 1960 and Günter Luther 1988, which published an update of the Luthergenealogy. The last renovation of the Luthergenealogies was published in the year 2005 by Mrs. Friedel Damm, the genealogist of the Lutherid-Union, in three books:

1. The descendants of D. Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora

The book comprehends the current state of research at the 11. January 2005. Her book is based on the workings of Richter 1733/ Nobbe 1846/ Sartorius 1926 and Martin Clasen-Ludwig Schmidt 1960. Günter Luther is still "persona non grata".

2. The congeners of D. Martin Luther

Here Mrs. Damm brings the descendants of Hans Luder - "the Small" and of Johannes Lindemann, in the attachment the descendants of n.n. Luder, official clerk in Langensalza.

3. The relatives beside of D. Martin Luther

Here you can find the descendants of the siblings of Luther, Jakob Luther and Elisabeth Luther.

My own database is based on the books of Ludwig Schmidt, Günter Luther and Friedel Damm. Yet the number of the descendants according to the Reformator, the congeners and the relatives beside in my database is considerable higher as you can find it in the books of Mrs. Damm.

How I could succeed in this way? The last 8 years I have browsed in numberless nights the genealogy server, genealogical sites, databases and archives in the web and I have looked for connections. I have contact the authors by email. Look in my database! There you can find the links to the sources too.


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